How does HR & Payroll outsourcing work?


If you use a payroll service anywhere in Australia, you’re outsourcing one of your most important business functions. However, payroll itself extends far, far beyond merely putting money in your staff’s accounts. It can also be a great way to streamline efficiency and even reduce costs.

Why use a payroll services Australia.

Mostly, people choose to outsource to a payroll service because of lack of time. Time constraints make it difficult to give the time you need to devote to getting this important task done well and without errors. Outsourcing is a great way to meet all your compliance legislation without requiring further investment in time or staff. Specialised service providers will be able to help you devise the perfect solution to your payroll issues, often at less cost then you expect.

But the services provided by a payroll service extend far beyond simply compiling your payroll. There’s a host of HR solutions they can assist with too. Ranging from managing risk and ensuring compliance, to reducing the administrative burden on a smaller company, to ensuring you can access top quality staff and help with financial matters.

What should I look for in a payroll service?

There’s a few warning signs to watch for when hiring a bookkeeping and payroll service. Firstly, get a good sense of their organisational skills. A disorganised firm is one in which you are very likely to find your important documents mysteriously missing, or that the basic day to day payroll tasks have gone without being done. There’s strict fines applicable for failing to pay or file on time, and they will fall on you, not the firm you outsource too.

Likewise, confidentiality is critical in any good payroll service. They will be handling a lot of confidential information, both about your business and about your employees. Whether it’s a matter of not blabbing you company’s private information around, or keeping quiet about who is paid what wage, it’s vital that there be strict protocols in place to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of employee data. It’s also important to look into the training methodologies of the service, both to make certain that you will be receiving consistent service across the board from staff members, and also to ensure that they will be keeping ahead with education and ensuring compliance with ever-changing financial legislation.

Other warning signs to watch for.

Although it’s not the sort of mistake it’s easy to evaluate beforehand, always keep a careful eye on your payroll service to ensure that their work is remaining accurate. Inaccuracy and an unwillingness to hunt down small mistakes or calling something ‘good enough’ has no place in the financial world and can escalate and snowball very quickly. Ensure you have a detail oriented firm with protocols in place to ensure records are kept accurately at all times. It ties in strongly with having an organised and efficient workplace, as mentioned above.